Powai Sharadotsav


Powai Sharadotsav, a sociocultural initiative of Spandan Foundation, was started in 2013. Traditionally, autumn has been a season of celebration in most parts of the country. We adopted Durga Puja as the anchor for celebrating the autumn festival and presented to the people of Mumbai. Mumbai accepted the festival with open arms right from its first year. The idea of the festival was:

  • to get people together with the purpose of celebration
  • to highlight some aspects of the great heritage of our country
  • to highlight a social issue that we all need to address together
  • to extend a helping hand to those in need of one

And the great city of Mumbai responds to our efforts with a lot of enthusiasm every single year.


The festival kicks off on 13th October, Sunday with inauguration followed by Anondomela - a food-fest by non-professionals.

Durga Puja starts on 15th October (Shashthi) and ends on 19th October (Vijay Dashami / Dussera).

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The festival takes place in Powai Sharadotsav ground (search on Google maps and you will find it) in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. The ground is just opposite some well-known restaurants such as Cafe Mangii, Mirchi & Mime, etc.

Theme: Realize the power within

India has a long road ahead to combat challenges faced by differently abled people. The population of differently abled people is around 26.8 million(2011 census data). World Bank data suggests the total number is between 40 and 80 million. Differently abled people live a very challenging life and their ‘disability’ is often seen as their ‘inability’ by many. People in general have preconceived notions about their capabilities. Merely using the word ‘divyang’ or ‘differently-abled’ won’t change the psyche of the masses towards these differently able people. Powai Sharadotsav plan to focus on the abilities and achievement of these differently abled people so that society comprehends the truth: it is the ability that matters.


As a viewer

Please do visit us during the festival days and participate in various activities. You can offer your prayers and pushpanjali to the deity. You can partake of the bhog prasad which is offered to all visitors. You can participate actively in the effort - sort flowers for puja or pushpanjali, dress and cut fruits for puja and serve to visitors, perform on open stage, etc. At Powai Sharadotsav you are not really a visitor - you are a participant. It's our active, collective participation that we try to promote.

As a sponsor

Tens of thousands of people visit Powai Sharadotsav every year. The festival venue is right next to the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) and attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. A steady stream of people keep visiting us till the wee hours of dawn every single day. The festival has gained media attention and is covered by newspapers in various corners of the country. It is widely covered on television channels as well. This gives you a good opportunity to showcase your brand and connect with people easily. Put up your products in a stall and interact with people. Put up a large banner and catch their attention. Showcase your brand on a prominent gate at various places inside and outside the venue. Play your videos on a large in-venue LED panel. Showcase your brand in the cultural programs arena. Put your brand in the festival souvenir magazine.

The possibilities are endless. Let us know how you wish to promote your brand and we can work out a plan. Drop us a line at info@spandanmumbai.in and we will get in touch with you.