About Powai Sharadotsav

Powai Sharadotsav, a sociocultural initiative of Spandan Foundation, was started in 2013. Traditionally, autumn has been a season of celebration in most parts of the country. We adopted Durga Puja as the anchor for celebrating the autumn festival and presented to the people of Mumbai. Mumbai accepted the festival with open arms right from its first year. The idea of the festival was,

  • to get people together with the purpose of celebration

  • to highlight some aspects of the great heritage of our country

  • to highlight a social issue that we all need to address together

  • to extend a helping hand to those in need of one

And the great city of Mumbai responds to our efforts with a lot of enthusiasm every single year.

Heartbeat of Hope

* আশার স্পন্দন *


The festival kicks off on 11th October .

Durga Puja starts on 11th October (Shashthi) and ends on 15h October (Vijay Dashami / Dussera).

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The festival takes place in Spandan Pujo Ground, in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. The ground is just opposite Transocean House, Boulevard Road-JVLR Junctions.

( Search on Google maps and you will find it)


Powai Sharadotsav 2021, Heartbeat of Hope * আশার স্পন্দন *

In 2021 as We continue to be physically isolated, yet WE CAN perform the Puja with complete Vedic sanctity. WE CAN have Fun yet at the same time maintain complete Hygiene and Social Distancing. WE CAN enjoy the Festival yet maintain complete Civic Responsibility!

And with it WE CAN rekindle the Heartbeats of Hope, আশার স্পন্দন.

We want to reassure ourselves and the Society that YES, WE CAN!

Highlights of Powai Sharadotsav 2021:

  • Unique Digital Festival, in sync with the New Normal

  • Regular Vedic Puja by dedicated onsite & isolated Team

  • Digitally “Visible” to the World through Live Web Streaming in Spandan YouTube , Facebook pages.

  • Totally Sanitized Environment using Nano Technology

  • e-Participation: Boron, Darshan, Pushpanjali, Aarti & Sindoor Dan

  • e-Entertainment: Cultural Program, Quiz & other Competitions.

  • Complete Online In-house Production by Spandanites

  • Can be enjoyed by Members, Patrons & Devotees Worldwide

We welcome you to Powai Sharadotsav 2021 and be a part of the Journey of Digitally International .

Yes, WE CONTINUE to rekindle the Heartbeat of Hope, আশার স্পন্দন!


As a viewer

Please do e-participation during the festival days and participate in digital activities. You can offer your prayers to the deity. Please do participate in

e Boron: thru Digital Channel

e Pushpanjali: from the Safety of your Home

e Aarti,Sindoor Dan: without putting others at risk

You can take part in

Online Talk Show: With Experts on Relevant Topics

Live Interviews

Pandal Hoping: Online Pan Mumbai Pujo Darshan

At Powai Sharadotsav you are not really a visitor - you are a participant. It's our active, collective participation that we try to promote.

As a Sponsor

The festival venue is right next to the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) and offers view thousands of passersby. The festival has gained media attention and is covered by newspapers in various corners of the country. It is widely covered on television channels as well. This gives you a good opportunity to showcase your brand and connect with people easily. Put up your products in our digital channels and Showcase your brand. Play your videos on our digital Platform and make your presence felt in the most well known Durga Puja in Mumbai. You can also put your brand in the festival souvenir magazine.

The possibilities are endless as we digitally International.

Let us know how you wish to promote your brand and we can work out a plan. Drop us a line at info@spandanmumbai.in and we will get in touch with you.

Our Sponsors - Powai Sharadotsav 2021

Glimpses of Powai Sharadotsav - A Festival with Purpose