Spandan Foundation

Where hearts beat in harmony

Who are we

Spandan Foundation is a non-profit, sociocultural association based in Mumbai, India.

Our Vision

To help create a society where people are not divided by artificial boundaries and live in harmony

Our Mission

  • Celebrate togetherness:

People have always tried to find ways to differentiate themselves in different ways. The history of humanity is filled with wars and battles between people of "different" region, religion, caste, language, tradition, skin color, and a myriad other factors. And interestingly enough, these are all artificial divisions created by people. Our creator did not stamp us with these differentiating factors. The need to prevail over others, the need to prove supremacy, the need to dominate have lead to these conflicts. And today, as the population density increases, these conflicts are slowly and steadily permeating into all aspects of our lives. We are forgetting what it means to trust others, to extend a hand to others, to let our guard down when we meet others. We are gradually turning away from people and towards inanimate electronic gadgets. We are forgetting that we are social animals after all.

We choose to make an attempt to demonstrate that we can exist and thrive together. We have to put some focus and an effort to reinstate our social lives. Our focus should be on our friends and family a lot more than our mobile phones and tablets and laptops and televisions. And the way to do that is to celebrate this togetherness. That's why we organize various socio-cultural events where people from across those artificial boundaries can come together and celebrate the joy of togetherness.

  • Lend a helping hand

We believe the biggest joy one can experience is the joy of giving and the joy of receiving. These are two sides of one coin. All of us need help from others at different points in time. We extend a helping hand to those in need of a financial aid or a particular skill or a warm heart or a pair of ears to listen to what they have something to say. With our limited resources, we try to extend this help whenever we can. We are not a registered NGO but we work with many NGO-s and extend our assistance.

Our Activities

  • We started with a book fair back in 2013. We brought together publishers and book sellers from all over India under one roof and presented a wonderful event to Mumbai. This week-long event saw people pour in from all corners of the metropolis. Renowned authors came over from all over the country and talked to their readers, signed books for them, participated in on-stage discussions, etc. As expected, the event was widely covered in the media too. We have not been able to continue the effort on an ongoing basis due to shortage of funds but we do dream to revive it in different forms in the coming days.

  • We have been organizing Powai Shardotsav, an autumn festival around the well-known Durga Puja since 2013. It has been well-received by the whole of Mumbai right from its inception. While Celebration of Togetherness is the primary purpose of this event, we always highlight and work on a social cause every year during the festival days. The themes of these festivals were:

2013 - Save the girl child

2014 - Empower our youth

2016 - Celebrate our elders

2017 - Care for orphan children

2018 - Realize the power within

2019 - Nature's Heartbeat

2020 - Heartbeat of Hope

  • We have been organizing cultural events such as drama, musicals, etc by renowned professionals in order to give a glimpse of our glorious heritage to the people of Mumbai.

  • We have been working with various NGO-s in an effort to extend a helping hand to the needy. We donate our time, clothes, money, etc as and when we can.

Going forward we plan to organize events around the unique features this great city of Mumbai offers. We look at many of them everyday but we don't see how blessed we are to be here. We intend to highlight and celebrate them.

Heartbeat of Hope

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Powai Sharadotsav 2020